Common reasons for failure

A recent survey found that the following were the most common reasons for candidates not succeeding at interview:

  • Poor appearance and presentation
  • Overbearing or aggressive attitude
  • No interest or enthusiasm evident
  • Inability to express ideas clearly, poor voice, dictation, grammar
  • Over emphasis on money
  • Unwillingness to start at bottom, wanting too much too soon
  • Criticism of current or previous employer
  • Failure to ask questions about the Company or role
  • Little or no background homework done on Company or role
  • Failure to look the interviewer in the eye
  • No vitality, few signs of life
  • Not being able to explain why they are leaving their current employer
  • Not being able to explain their current role clearly

Our top tips

  • Ask to meet other members of the team you could be working with
  • Ask to see where you will be working and show an interest in it.
  • Always ask at the end of the meeting if the interviewer has any reservations
  • Phone your recruiter as soon as you leave the meeting so they can tackle any issues sooner rather than later
  • Always send a thank you note or email